Amass your fortune at Singapore

Singapore is the dream land for many investors; this lion land can make all you dream come true. Once you start up in here, money is at your side. Adding to it we are here to aid you in bringing up your business atop everyone. The main fact why Singapore is been a commercial hub in Asia, is because it holds the tenth hottest startup ecosystem worldwide and has 3,600 startups in sectors ranging from ecommerce to social media.

Adding to it Singapore has the best location for starting up any kind of business and has a wide connectivity to all foreign countries. And a record says that, about 49 percent of its investors are from foreign nations. Its infrastructure, norms and rules are quite down to earth, and so it ranks No.1 in ease of doing business, whereas US ranks NO-7. Singapore is the next alternative to Silicon Valley; this place has surplus corporate firms, and has theheadquarters of Google, Uber, and facebook. This land of varied interest not only attracts tourists but also attracts investors from all around the world.

Hotspot Singapore

Singapore ranks first in being the startup hotspot in the Asian Pacific region, that’s because of the liberal government policies, which paves an easy way for the investors. The small scale entrepreneurs receive healthy support from the government and so they can develop their business to a wide range. Not only Singapore government gives them a moral support but also helps them with funds. Back in 1999 The Technopreneurship Fund was brought to public, through which $1 Billion was allotted for the development of the entrepreneurs. By this fund, each individual company gets about 2 million which can help them a lot. By 2013, the deputy prime minister announced that still $50 million more will be invested for local startups.One of the topnotch entrepreneur and venture capitalist praised Singapore as the leading government. Lot more entrepreneurs find Singapore to be a hotspot for booming their business and amassing great fortune. It is a wide belief that, whoever starts business in Singapore will surely amass his fortune within a short span of time. The startup ecosystem here, gets attention from both the governments and venture capitalists, and becomes the third largest capital investments in the APAC.

The CEO and co-founder of Hotel Quickly, says that “Singapore is the easy gateway to Southeast Asia”. Next point is that Singapore targets in introducing businesses that may reduce the pain of the public. For example Grab Taxi which was launched in Singapore got famous through its speed transportation. This service has raised about $680 million over five funding rounds there. Yet another feature for the rapid development of Singapore is its high road density i.e Surplus highways and NH throughout the city. This helps in speeding up the transportation of goods.

According to the census taken in 2012, 18 million children in Asia Pacific region are not given proper education, while in Singapore;education is snatched from the poor, so as a solution Edusnap app was launched to make the poor get education through net. This created a great transformation in the history of educational system.

Adding to these, another thing which keeps Singapore on the track of this material world is the higher use of smart gadgets; all Singaporeans are connect to the world through these gadgets and are updated each and every day. According to 2014 report Singapore ranks number one is smart gadgets usage. In a simple ration nine out of ten have smart phones and laptops. So this leads Singapore and Malaysia to generate about half of the e-commerce sales in South Asia. And also due to their vast internet usage, all online markets flourish and play a vital role in the people’s day to day life. eBay, flipkart, Zalora, and Giosis are getting a profit of $82 million.

Atop all these facts Singapore has become the favorite place for venture capital firms. Monk’s hill is the latest famous venture capital firm that depends on Singapore’s environs, according to them this place is the apt one for investing money. Golden get ventures and jungle ventures also laid their eye on Singapore. So, from the above information you would have got an idea on doing business in Singapore, so go ahead with your plans and hunt your treasure in this Lion land. The money you invest in here will surely double.